Thursday, May 16, 2013

Panto Folk : Tell Tale Tusk

You know that feeling when one of your friends starts a band, and you feel obliged to go to all the gigs and support, and then you realise it's costing you a lot in beer money and long treks to weird parts of town to underground music dives to listen to the same set recycled again and again and it's not even that great?

Well I'm happy to say that experience doesn't apply to Tell Tale Tusk.

TTT smashed their way onto the underground folk scene back in January with a first outing down at Jamboree Bar - home of many fine music projects.  Magic and mayhem, curly straight locks, hilarious stories and killer three part harmonies rolled up in a raucous blend of folk, gypsy and balkan influences.  Of course I'm biased as I know everyone in the band, but I know a lot of people in a lot of bands, and this one impresses me the most at the moment.

Fresh, upbeat and most importantly - not taking themselves too seriously they're a much needed injection of humour that retains a musical excellence with enough force to move an audience in the slow tunes, only to get them dancing like fools for the upbeat tunes.  As a story teller myself, I see the power in this mixture that will propel them far and wide.

Formed back in November of last year, they're not even 6 months old, yet appear to be attracting more attention than your average start-up music project.  One to watch, that's for sure.  

In the mean time I took a camera down to a gig they did (minus their regular Fiddle player), and shot some video to capture the moment.  It's given me ideas of maybe doing something bigger with them - for that you'll have to wait and see.  Some photos also below from a more recent outing in Denmark Street.

In the mean time, keep it panto.


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