Monday, December 2, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Photos :: Green Apples Charity Art Party

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Another weekend, some more photos.

This time a fantastic charity arts and performance party at Full Circle up in Leeds.

Contemporary dance, walkabout performance, music, poetry, music, mayhem.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New York Trip :: Some photos form HONK NYC

Sitting down town solo propping up a bar a text came into me from London town telling me to quit what ever I was doing and get down to  HONK NYC  to see the wonderful Perhaps Contraption amongst others raise the roof at the Littlefield venue in Brooklyn.

I did at the text suggested and was fortunate enough to witness the blast of brass, electric violin, bhangra drums, voices and the rest.  A fantastic evening was unfolding mashing together ideas through sound.

I took some photos.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Panto Folk : Tell Tale Tusk

You know that feeling when one of your friends starts a band, and you feel obliged to go to all the gigs and support, and then you realise it's costing you a lot in beer money and long treks to weird parts of town to underground music dives to listen to the same set recycled again and again and it's not even that great?

Well I'm happy to say that experience doesn't apply to Tell Tale Tusk.

TTT smashed their way onto the underground folk scene back in January with a first outing down at Jamboree Bar - home of many fine music projects.  Magic and mayhem, curly straight locks, hilarious stories and killer three part harmonies rolled up in a raucous blend of folk, gypsy and balkan influences.  Of course I'm biased as I know everyone in the band, but I know a lot of people in a lot of bands, and this one impresses me the most at the moment.

Fresh, upbeat and most importantly - not taking themselves too seriously they're a much needed injection of humour that retains a musical excellence with enough force to move an audience in the slow tunes, only to get them dancing like fools for the upbeat tunes.  As a story teller myself, I see the power in this mixture that will propel them far and wide.

Formed back in November of last year, they're not even 6 months old, yet appear to be attracting more attention than your average start-up music project.  One to watch, that's for sure.  

In the mean time I took a camera down to a gig they did (minus their regular Fiddle player), and shot some video to capture the moment.  It's given me ideas of maybe doing something bigger with them - for that you'll have to wait and see.  Some photos also below from a more recent outing in Denmark Street.

In the mean time, keep it panto.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Latest Work: Cutting more shorts for LAMDA Films

Here we are for spring with a trailer that I've just cut for a short film that I've edited for the fantastically talented LAMDA 2 year acting students.

Directed by Audrey Cooke and Exec produced by A.J. Quinn,  we cut it just after Christmas, and a long online process we're finally into the countdown to it's release.

In the mean time whet your appetite with the trailer.

You can find LAMDA on Twitter @LamdaDrama

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Work: Cock and Bull Festival 2013 Promo

Cock and Bull Festival Photo

Time to share a little side project that I did for fun last summer.  It's deepest darkest 2013, it's March now and the weather outside still feels like Greenland.  However, summer is most definitely on it's way, and in that frame of mind; here's the promo film that I completed some time ago but forgot to post, from last year's Cock and Bull festival.

I shot the promo on my 5D over a fantastic July weekend on the farm last year, between lugs of cider and throwing the occasional hay bale.  What started out as a bit of fun, became a beautiful thing in the edit suite as we sat and reviewed the moments that we'd captured.

The festival is on a small farm down in the west country; and any money made goes to the Jamie's Farm Charity, that helps take post-code bound inner city kids out into the country and give them some time on the farm, learning about life in the countryside.  It's easy for many of us to assume that the countryside is accessible to all but the truth is, if you're a kid on an estate in a big city, the countryside may as well be Australia.

So, if you fancy a little music and some time away this summer, and you want to know it's for a good cause then maybe you should put on your dancing wellingtons and get on down to Cock and Bull 2013 - tickets now on sale.

And I'll leave you with a small off-cut from the festival promo shoot - here's the fabulous Tanya Auclair performing in the big barn at last year's festival - she just confirmed playing this year.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Photo

From the Electro Burns Night Soiree


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PR - Blue Rose Code "North 10" Film and "Julie" Music Video

Some recent PR for our work on the music video for Blue Rose Code's upcoming release "Julie"; via Reveal Records.

I think I sound rather informed.

ExposureMag_Donshades_Blue_Rose Code

More Photographic Work

A quick insight into a night I helped out at recently; working with the amazing department of brilliant SmashedUpBurnsNight250113-45

Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding your Seat

A mission to Stonehenge to see the Dawn in for the Autumn Equinox.  Suddenly, there  in the crack between the day and the night, I found my seat.  A moment of clarity, from which I have returned with fresh perspective.

It's an important thing to know where your seat is.  I often forget.

Being creative is a thought process that requires breadth and depth.  Living in London and putting up with all the buzz; useless chatter on facebook, nonsense on twitter, people you don't care much for sharing their entire life with you just as the telephone rings or your news feed interups you is a great thing for helping you find breadth; but awful for helping you think deeply.

All those stories, jousting or attention can be wonderful if you are looking to create new, otherwise unthought of connections between things - an essential part of the creative process.


When it comes to (for me) the hard part - drilling down into your idea to find the core, the essence - the thing that needs to be brought to the surface and polished as it represents in its purest form the idea - when it comes to this process; then all that back-chat is just a distraction.  

This is when it is helpful to know where your seat is.

What is your seat?

Your seat is the seat that you sit on when you want to move from divergent thinking to convergent thinking.  It is the place that grounds you; the place that grounds your thinking and lets the mental dust settle.

It's important to know where that place is if you are to succeed.  I often forget where my seat is and that's why I spend months wrestling with ideas in the dust-cloud form and fail to define them and give them form.  A time-gun is always a useful think to help me find my seat, however it's far from the best way to help me find my seat.

I found one of my seats the other morning.  I'd been looking for that particular seat for a long time and suddenly, there it was.  It was left in the crack between the day and the night; I left it in the dawn light and by chance I happened to be at Stonehenge with the druids for the Autumn Equinox celebration.  And there it was - the seat that I'd lost.  A moment, that grounded me completely and gave me a fresh  perspective on the various ideas floating around in my mind of late.

There are others, and my seat isn't your seat, tho we may have similar places.

Finding our seat together is, in my mind, a thing that could help us all get on a lot better as creative beings.  When you sit in your seat, and look at your life and your ideas and the lives of those around you; suddenly the value system that you adopt when you're living in the 'buzz cloud', appears all warped and out of line.  I could be wrong, but I suspect that the judgements I make when I'm siting on my seat are the ones that I should trust.

I suggest you try this.  Of course.  I could be wrong.